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  • Sale!

    Olive Siwak with Holder

    Discover and experience our unique Siwak that is taken from the blessed olive tree! Our collection of hand sorted Siwak only consist of the best quality we could get our hands on. Try it for yourself and get to know this elegant piece!

  • Olive Siwak Single Piece

    Discover our unique olive Siwak! Our selected Siwak is hand sorted and only the best quality is added to our collection. The Single Piece comes with a single olive Siwak from the finest Siwak we could get our hands on. The packaging of our Single Piece is completely natural and plastic free!

  • Bamboo Holder (Siwak not included)

    Our elegant holders are made out of 100% natural bamboo. Carry your olive Siwak in style!


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