The Siwak of ”Siwak Noir” origins from the blessed olive tree. The olive tree has an valuable and blessed status within the Islam, thus it isn’t strange that it’s Siwak is truly a remarkable product. The olive Siwak has a bitter-sweet taste and a charming earthy smell. At the same time it’s dark and elegant appearance is whitout a doubt a pleasure for the eye!

Our Siwak is 100% natural whitout any additions to it. The Siwak is aged naturally which causes it to be used for a longer period of time whitout losing any of its benefits. The Siwak removes dental plaque, whitens the teeth, strengthens the gums and it removes the bacteria from the mouth. Besides the many health benefits, the Siwak has it’s many spiritual benefits also. The usage of the Siwak is an act of worship about which the Prophet ﷺ spoke many times. Therefore it’s a beautiful Sunnah that holds many benefits.

Furthermore our range of Siwak is hand sorted by the following points:

✓ Quality
✓ Width
✓ Length
✓ Straightness
✓ Color
✓ Elegant look (no ugly spots)

This way we only add the best Siwak possible to our collection in order for our customers to get the best quality between their hands!