The Siwak/Miswak holds many benefits. These benefits are not only to be found in its hygiene but also spiritul wise. We will summarize a few of them.

✓ The biggest benefit someone can gain by using the Siwak is whitout a doubt it being a worship to Allah and it being from the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ. It is the Siwak which he used first when entering his home. It is the Siwak which he used when waking up in the night. It is the Siwak which he used before the prayer and it is the Siwak to which the Prophet ﷺ looked at while on his death bed, to the extend that ‘Aishah رضي الله عنها took the Siwak and prepared it for our beloved Prophet ﷺ in order for him to use it for the last time.

As for the health benefits:

✓ It prefents the grow of harmful bacteria.
✓ It removes dental plaque.
✓ It strengthens the gums.
✓ It helps against unpleasant odors.
✓ It whitens the teeth.
✓ It polishes the teeth.

Research has shown that the usage of the Siwak is better than regular toothpaste. Ofcourse this isn’t strange to us as the Siwak belongs to the Sunan of the Messengers. But why would the Siwak be better than toothpaste according to scientific research?

• The Siwak contains Silica. This helps removing stains, thus it whitens the teeth.
• The Siwak contains Vitamin C. This helps with healing, repairing and strengthening the tissues.
• The Siwak contains Calcium. Calcium saturation of saliva stimulates remineralization and inhibits demineralication of tooth enamel.
• The Siwak contains a high amount of Chlorides. This inhibits the formation of calculus.
• The mildly bitter taste of the Siwak stimulates the salivary flow, which contains antiseptic properties.

And Allah Knows better.