How long does the Siwak last?

This depends on how often the Siwak is used. The more you use the Siwak, the sooner you need to cut off the used part. However we do not recommend using the same Siwak for more than 10 months.

How can I prevent mold growing inside the Bamboo Holder?

We are already helping you to prevent this by providing every single holder with a small hole at the bottom. This allows air to access the holder, and not making it air-tight. Even though we reduced the change of mold growth, you should pay attention to not placing the Siwak back in the holder while it’s wet. If the holder get’s wet, you should dry it before putting it away. And ofcourse using the Siwak on a regular base helps preventing mold to grow because this way it does not sit still in a dark and cool place.

What can I do when there is mold on my Siwak or Holder?

If you did not use the Siwak for a long time and discover mold growth when you want to use it again, there are two options. If the mold is just at the outer layer, it is sufficient to wash it off. However if the mold has reached the core of the Siwak, you just need to cut that part off.

If there is mold inside the holder, you can try to wash it off. But if the mold is deeply inside the bamboo, we recommend not using the holder anymore. Nevertheless, if you make sure that you keep the holder and Siwak dry, you don’t have to worry about any mold growing!

What is the difference between the ''regular'' Siwak and the Siwak of Siwak Noir?

• We and also a lot of our customers find our dark Siwak far more intriguing than the look of the ”regular” Siwak.

• Our Siwak is dried naturally, making the Siwak longer to be used without losing any of its benefits. When the ”regular” fresh Siwak dries, then it is no longer as good to use as before. This problem doesn’t occur with our Siwak!

• The scent of our Siwak is much more pleasant. The charming earthy scent of our unique Siwak is far more pleasant than the strong and pungent odor that is released when opening the package of the ”regular” Siwak. However this is a matter of preference and some may find the smell of the ”regular” Siwak to be enjoyable.

• Likewise the taste of the Siwak. Many people don’t like the taste of the juices of the ”regular” Siwak while using it. The taste of our Siwak is not as strong but rather has a bitter sweet taste to it. Ofcourse also this is a matter of preference.

• A lot of times the ”regular” Siwak has a sticky outer layer full of the juices of the Siwak. Besides the fact that it increases the change of mold growth, it also isn’t a pleasant feel to the hands. Our Siwak is dry and has a nice texture to it.

• Contrary to the ”regular” Siwak that always comes in a environmentally unfriendly plastic packaging, our Siwak comes in either a holder that is made out of 100% natural bamboo or a sachet made out of 100% natural and recycled craft paper!

Do you send world wide?

Yes, we send our unique Siwak worldwide!

How long is the shipping time?

We try to send out the orders either the same day or the day after, depending of the time the order comes through. When the order is made in the Netherlands, usually it takes 1 day after sending the package to arrive. For our orders outside of the Netherlands it takes more than one day and is also depending on the services in the destination country.

During holidays it can occur that the delivery time is delayed. Also when you choose our option to send the order whitout Track&Trace but with a stamp, it takes longer than usual to arrive.

What if I want to return my order?

When you want to return your order it is possible whitin 14 days and only the Bamboo Holder and our Single Piece Siwak. Due to hygienic reasons we don’t accept a return of the Holder with Siwak. You can contact us about a refund but note that the shipping costs are for the customer.

Do I get a Tracking number after I placed my order?

If you choose to send your small order with stamp only, you don’t recieve a Track & Trace number. Otherwise we always send a detailed information including a tracking number to your e-mail.

I want to sell your Siwak in my store, what are the options?

We are always interested in more collaborations world wide. We offer sharp wholesale prices and also offer volume discount. You can contact us and we can discuss further details!