The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

The Siwak is purifying to the mouth and pleasing to the Lord.

[Hadith Sahih mentioned by: Al-Bukhaari in his Mu’allaqaat, al-Humaydi in his Musnad, an-Nasaa-i in his Sunan, Ahmad in his Musnad, ad-Daarimi in his Sunan and Ishaaq ibn Rahawayh in his Musnad]

Olive Siwak + holder

Single Piece

We don’t want our customers to merely use our Siwak as a purification to their mouth. We aim to have them experience this beautiful Sunnah in a refind and dignified way that elevates the beauty of it, making them fall in love with our unique and elegant piece, for them to draw themselves closer to Allah with His Will, as the Siwak is something that pleases our Lord The Most High.

-Abu az-Zubayr, Founder & CEO
of Siwak Noir.


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