Siwak Noir is a company based in The Netherlands. Siwak Noir, first and foremost, started out of love for the Siwak. This love eventually led to establishing a company.

Like many, we also only used the Siwak of the Arak tree, a Siwak with a pungent odor, strong taste and packed in a plastic package. We had not seen any other Siwak yet. Eventually one of the brothers came across the Siwak from the olive tree. The elegant and dark look of the Siwak immediately got the attention and after trying the Siwak, one thing was sure: this has to be available in our country!

After informing ourselves about this Siwak and doing research we started looking for a selling point in our country and we did not found it anywhere. This is how the concept of Siwak Noir began.

We started looking for a supplier that meets our requirements. Eventually we ended up at out current supplier who can offer us the best quality!

We soon got the idea to honor this beautiful Siwak by not selling it in a plastic package. A Siwak which is this elegant and natural deserves a holder just as elegant and natural. Thus the concept of our bamboo holders started.

After a while and only selling our product in The Netherlands, we decided to extend our business and sell our unique product world wide!

The result: A team with love and passion for the Siwak, who brought a unique Siwak on the Dutch market and eventually extended their business world wide! And now we are the first to sell this unique Siwak in a holder that is 100% natural!

And all Praise belongs to Allah.