Unfortunately nowadays we see that the usage of plastic packaging is optimally applied. For many companies it is attractive to use plastic due to its cheapness. Siwak Noir on the other hand has chosen something better than this! Since our Siwak is a 100% natural product, we decided to honor the Siwak by making our holders 100% natural aswell!

The result? A holder made from 100% ecological bamboo! Our holders are whitout a doubt 100% natural and naturally degradable. A beautiful way to deliver our unique Siwak.

We decided to provide our holders with a small hole at the bottom. This small hole makes sure that the holders aren’t airtight and that the Siwak is still able to ”breath”. The reason behind this is because it can occur that one would place the Siwak in the holder while it’s wet (we do not recommend this). A dry and cool place combined with something that is wet, will -whitout a doubt- form mold. To help prevent the development of mold we chose a holder which isn’t airtight.

Moreover, our holders are finished with a clean engraving of our company name.

This way we pack our Siwak in a holder which is environment- and eco-friendly, which is efficient and that looks beautiful!